Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant Projects are implemented by the financial support of the MNRE as well as the State Govt.

Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency ( TREDA ) has installed & commissioned Solar Photo-Voltaic Power Plants in the following places -

Name of Place
Capacity of Plant
1 SDM Office , Kanchanpur 1 Kw
2 BDO, Damcherra 1 Kw
3 BDO,Jampui Hill 1 Kw
4 BDO,Dasda 1 Kw
5 BDO,Manu 1 Kw
6 BDO,Chawmanu 1 Kw
7 BDO,Salema 1 Kw
8 BDO,Dumburnagar 1 Kw
9 BDO,Ambassa 1 Kw
10 Principal, Belonia College 1 Kw
11 DM Office,North Tripura District 2 Kw
12 Office of the DM,Dhalai 2 Kw
13 Office of the Chief Minister,Tripura 3 Kw
14 Nirmahal Palace,Melagarh 3 kw x 2nos

Under partial grants from MNRE, GoI and some Grants from the State Government , SPV Power Plants of different capacities will be commissioned in Government Buildings, School hostels, Market sheds, Dak Bunglows, Fire Service Stations etc. within and Outside Nagar Panchayet and AMC areas