Solar City Programme

The Goal of the program :

 to promote the use of Renewable Energy in Urban Areas by providing support to the Municipal Corporations for preparation and implementation of a Road Map to develop their cities as Solar Cities.

Objectives of the programme:

  • To enable/empower Urban Local Governments to address energy challenges

at City - level.

  • To provide a framework and support to prepare a Master Plan including assessment of current energy situation, future demand and action plans
  • To build capacity in the Urban Local Bodies and create awareness among all sections of civil society.
  • To involve various stakeholders in the planning process
  • To oversee the implementation of sustainable energy options through public - private partnerships.

Action taken -

The scheme is being implementation jointly by TREDA & Agartala Municipal Corporation[AMC].

Activities taken so far are -

  •  A task force was constituted for implementation of the programme.
  • A Solar City Cell was established at AMC
  • Several meetings of the stakeholder was organised for finalisation of Master Plan of the Project.
  • Final Master Plan was submitted to MNRE and was in principle approved.
  • Several project are being implemented as per the Master Plan.

 Projects implemented -

  • Installation & Commissioning of 45 Kwp Power Plant at Ujjayanta Market.
  • Distribution of Solar Lanterns to 20,000 families.
  • Distribution of Solar Caps to 1617nos of Rickshaw workers for Awareness generation.
  • Organisation of service camp, installation etc for Awareness generation.
  • Fitting fixing of display Hoardings,Wallwritting at prominent places for Awareness
  • Generation.
  • Installation & Commissioning of 25 Kwp Power Plant at B R Ambedkar combined ST, SC Girls’ Hostel,Opposite to Agartala Press Club
  • Installation & Commissioning of 5 Kwp Power Plant at Maharani Tulsibati No-I ST Girls’  Hostel, SupariBagan, Krishnanagar, Agartala.

Project Completed -

  •  B.R Ambedkar Boys’ Hostel, Opposite to IGM Hospital, Agartala (10KWp)
  • DasaratBhawan Rest House,79 Tilla, Opposite to Cancer Hospital, Agartala (5KWp)
  • Dr. B.R AmbedkarVidyabhawanChatribash, Aralia, Agartala(5KWp)
  • SahidKhudiramMemoralChatrabash attached to AD Nagar Class XII School Agartala(5KWp)
  • NazrulChatrabas,Melarmath(5KWp)
  • AdwhityaAtithishala, Office lane, Agartala(5KWp)
  • Laxmibai Smriti Womens hostel(3KWp)

Helen Keler Smriti Guest house(2KWp)