Unnat Chullha Abhiyan ( UCA) Programme


  1. To develop and deploy improved biomass cook-stoves for providing cleaner cooking energy solutions in rural, semi-urban and urban areas using biomass as fuel for cooking.
  2. To mitigate drudgery of women and children using traditional chulha for cooking.
  3. . To mitigate climate change by reducing the black carbon and other emissions resulting from burning biomass for cooking.


  1. To support R&D activities on development of efficient and cost effective designs of biomass cook-stoves with reduced emissions.
  2.  To provide support for Test Centres for carrying out performance testing of biomass cookstoves as per BIS.
  3.  Development of revised test protocols and standards.
  4. To take up a series of projects using existing commercially available and better chulhas and different grades of process biomass fuel with ultimate aim exploring a range of technologies deployment biomass processing and delivery models leveraging public-private partnerships.
  5.  To support awareness and marketing campaigns and creating enabling environment
  6.  for mass production of processed biomass fuel, network of dealers, entrepreneurs training and supply chain mechanism.
  7. Supporting training to manpower facilitating operation and maintenance networks at local level thus generating opportunities for employment.
  8. Taking up dissemination programme on family type and large size Unnat Chulhas / cookstoves for cooking applications.
  9. Awareness for use of biomass cookstove in target groups.
  10. The field and market experience of the above projects will be analyzed for developing a business model for commercialization including availing CDM benefit for biomass cookstove. The possibility of establishing a Section 25 company will be explored for carrying out the business of promotion of Unnat Chulhas in the country in future.

Physical Status of Unnat Chullha Abhiyan Programme


Item Description

Place of Distribution



Community type forced draft improved biomass cookstove

TSR Camps , Hostels,jails etc




Family type natural draft improved biomass cookstove

Forest Fringe village

861 nos