Solar Wind Hybrid Programme


      One 2 kw [ 1kw solar + 1 kw Wind ]Solar Wind Hybrid system installed on the rooftop of TREDA building.


        A Solar Wind Hybrid System is simply a combination of Photovoltaic and Aero Generator. Each performs best in opposite seasons- wind in the winter seasons and solar in the summer months- so they complements each other o provide more consistent power to existing building.


        The objective of the project is to provide un-interrupted power supply in the Three Storied Office Building of TREDA.


Total Project cost is Rs. 7.84 Lakhs. Out of these MNRE contribute 75% of Ex-Works Cost ie Rs. 5.95 Lakhs subject to maximum of Rs. 2 Lakh per KW, balance cost born by State Government.


Total unit generated through 2kw (Solar + Wind) Hybrid System is 1224 unit upto 04.04.2012